Bartman is Running in Marengo

The Cubs are in the Series.

I still don't believe it.  The last time the Cubs were in the series, 1945, we had just bombed the stuffing out of Japan, ending World War Two.  Jim Crow was still in effect in the South.  Our current president, Mr. Obama had yet to be born in a state that wasn't even a state yet.  (Yes, I mean Hawaii you nerds.)  The last time the Cubs won the series, 1908, Empress Dowager Cixi was still on the imperial throne of China.  We only had 47 states.  World Wars One and Two had yet to be fought. THEODORE Roosevelt was our president.

Anyway, my point is, its been a long time.  The last time the Cubs even hinted at getting this far, a guy named Steve Bartman had the unfortunate luck of catching a fly ball, effectively ending all hopes of a Cubs hope to get into the Big Dance, (or so as some fans say, I think the Cubs just performed their seasonal swoon at that point).  

What happened to Bartman?  He's keeping hidden.  But an unfortunately named man with the same last name, John Bartman, is running for the Illinois House of Representatives in McHenry County.  I saw the signs everywhere in Marengo as I was skipping town.  I'm not sure what that will do to his campaign.  Who knew the Cubs would make it this far?    

Selfie of me at Little Cubs Field, Freeport, IL

Selfie of me at Little Cubs Field, Freeport, IL