Quickies: My Rant on Life on the Road with Cable TV

I cut the cord years ago; I haven't had cable TV in my home for almost a decade now.  So having cable on the road should be a treat, right?  Not really.  This is gonna sound old and stuffy but seriously, when did almost every cable outlet revert to asinine reality TV shows?  The History Channel?  Bravo?  I used to enjoy those channels (somewhat).  Also, if I see another CSI/NCIS/police procedural marathon I think I'm gonna hurl. I find myself inordinately fond of The Weather Channel.  (Fun fact-all the motels I stayed in had TWC on in their breakfast room.  Evidently it is the non-threatening background soundscape of the modern age.)

Friday looks like a good day for BBQ.   Photo by NLB Creations .

Friday looks like a good day for BBQ.  Photo by NLB Creations.

Many years ago a gentleman with the unfortunate name of Newton Minow decried television as it was. Today he'd be horrified.  Vast wasteland, indeed.