Friday Thank Yous

Thanks for returning!  I know I haven't written in a week, but I've been knee-deep in rolling up my life and packing up my condo.  I promise when I get going on the road I will make regular postings.  Stay tuned!  

This Friday I wanted to thank my mother Susan Knight.  What can I say?  She's my mom!  It is from her and my late father that I got the wanderlust bug early in my life.  She has recently been a stalwart rock of Gibraltar regarding my many ups and downs.  I hope at some point she will join me in my project as a "guest star", riding shotgun in the passenger seat, perhaps with her dog Fannie.  More on Mom to come!  (Thanks mom for the recent card and pin money.)

I also want to thank  aunt Leslie Lorenz.  Throughout my life she has shown nothing but support and love with a dash of silliness that I cherish to this day.  Her name, too will most definitely come up in the future. Recently, she contributed to my project.  Thank you for the funds, Auntie!