Chicago Food


As I say goodbye to my home town, Chicago, I am making my way through foods you just can't get anywhere else.  


In Chicago, we take our pizza seriously.  Though I enjoy the deep dish, pan, and stuffed varieties, our thin crust comes in a classic circle shape, HOWEVER we cut the pieces into squares or rectangles.  This is a picture of Giordano's Special.  Yum.

Italian Beef

Another Chicago artery-clogging specialty is Italian Beef.  Mouth-watering bits of beefs soaked in aus jus beef broth.  Usually served with either hot or sweet peppers.  This specimen is from Pete's Red Hots in Oak Park.  Mangia!  


Probably the queen of all bad-for-you food in Chicago is Gyros. Pronounced "Yee-ros" it is essentially meat (beef and lamb) sliced from a rotating heated cone and served with pitas, onions, tomatoes and tzatzikisauce.  This dish is from Mickey's Gyros in Oak Park.  Oh, so good!